Filled with 500 mg of Moringa Oleifera, our Mega-Malunggay Capsules are a popular product for nursing mothers due to its positive effect on stimulating breastmilk growth. Here's a quick guide on what Moringa does for a mother's well-being, its benefits for breastmilk production, and how to take Moringa.


Give your Milk Supply a boost

Moringa Oleifera is a natural galactagogue--a food or drug that promotes or increases the flow of a mother's milk. It does so by interacting with the dopamine system in such a way that the production of prolactin is increased. Prolactin is a protein best known for enabling milk production in mammals (lactation).


Take your daily dose

For best results on boosting breastmilk supply, Moringa supplements are best taken on a daily basis.

32 weeks = 1x a day

35 weeks = 2x a day

Post-delivery = 3-4x a day

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Have it your way

Our Moringa Oleifera comes in ready-to-consume Mega-Malunggay capsules, but there's more than one way to take your daily dose of Moringa. Mix Moringa capsule powder into your tea or juice, or add into food recipes such as soups, breads, and even omelettes! 


Use in Tandem

For best breastfeeding results, Moringa capsules consumption is best used in tandem with other healthy practices, such as pumping and increasing breastfeeding frequency.


Get more from Moringa

Increased breastmilk supply is not the only benefit provided by Moringa for breastfeeding mothers. It has 4x more calcium than milk and 25x more iron than spinach--helpful for maintaining bone strength and energy. Its. high protein content that rivals that of meat.